Video Vixen Adult Costume

Isn’t it time you glam-rocked out with your…shut your playboy mouth!

Just dance! A zebra-print mini dress screams sensuality when the included corseted waist-cincher whittles this scintillating songstress into hourglass-shaped submission. Save that sugar and spice, the Video Vixen is psychotic, hypnotic, symphonic and electronic!

Accessories are a must to finish off this Lady Gaga costume look! Find anything you’re missing below:

Pop Angel Adult Wig

Go Ga-Ga over this Wig!
You’ll be causing some bad romance with this long and luscious pop star wig! Featuring a long straight platinum style with long straight bangs, this wig will make you want to just dance! Buy Now!



White Hot Adult Wig

Paparazzi bait.
This musical madame loves to stand out! This white hot wig will definitely top the pop charts. Includes one long, white-blonde wig with blunt, heavy bangs… Buy Now!



Wig Cap

This cap is essential to comfortable and successful wig wearing. This sheer wig cap stretches to cover your own hair,helping to hold hair in,so it won’t stick out from under the wig. After you have the wig cap securely in place,put the wig on over the top of the wig cap. Sheer nude or sheer white – our choice please… Buy Now!



80’s Black Slot Adult Glasses

The 80’s never looked so cool!
Complete your new wave look with these rad glasses! Includes a pair of black aviator-shaped shades with slot openings to see through, so you’ll look totally cool to-the-max! Buy Now!



Adult Nylon Tights

Pick a color, any color!
Our Adult Tights are made from 100% nylon and are the perfect finishing touch to any of your Halloween styles! Buy Now!



Ruth Victorian (Black) Adult Boots

Be a New Woman in these classy boots!
The Ruth Victorian Boots in Black are calf-length boots that feature a 4” heel, a curvy rounded toe, and black trim with black buttons up the side. Ready for a night on the town, these boots will get you where you need to go! Buy Now!